I was not skilled in floral arrangements before I invented the Innervase®.  Flower arranging just got easier once I used my first Innervase®.  I created the Innervase® with the initial idea that I wanted to pair shorter flowers with taller stems in a vase. Since its creation I have found the uses of the Innervase® to be endless. I enjoy creating two tier arrangements for a more dramatic effect for special occasions, or simply giving flowers extra height in a vase.

You can get crafty with your Innervase® and update your arrangements as the seasons change. Simply place flowers in the Innervase® and place seasonal items such as shells, pinecones, moss or chestnuts in the base of your vase. One thing that is guaranteed, is that every bunch of flowers looks better with the Innervase®. It takes seconds to use, flower arrangements can be as dramatic as you like or as simple as you like. It is for everyday use in homes, hotels and office receptions. I hope you enjoy it as much I do when I use my Innervase®.

Karen English.