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  • Innervase® fits a wide variety of medium to large vases (14 to 19cm approx. at the top of the vase unit).
  • Innervase® patented technology allows it to fit securely to the rim of a vase.
  • Innervase® Patented flexible arms extend and retract.
  • Create two-tier arrangements and raise the height of shorter flowers.
  • Transparent and subtle
  • Innervase® can support the weight of the flowers, water and stems. The removable disk in the Innervase®  has six holes to arrange and support flower stems.
  • Units are €10 plus postage and packing (for orders over 30 units please contact us).
  • Remove Innervase® carefully from packaging.
  • Lift the disc out of the Innervase® . Set aside for now.
  • Fill Innervase with water, to about a third full. (The weight of the flowers will cause the water level to rise and the Innervase® can be topped up with more water if needed)
  • Place Innervase® onto rim of actual vase. The arms can extend and retract to fit the width of the vase.
  • Place the punctuated disc back onto the Innervase®.
  • Place desired flowers in through the holes of disc.
  • Fill the vase with some water (not too much) and then arrange the remaining flowers in the vase in the space between the Innervase® unit and the vase. 
  • Top up the water in both the Innervase and vase when needed.

After use, wash the Innervase®  with warm soapy water. Do not use boiling water with this product. To avoid discolouration, do not clean product in a dishwasher. Store the Innervase®  in your vase until next use or store in its packaging.

  • Place decorative seashells at the base of your vase and place flowers and water only in the Innervase® for a summery beach feel. 
  • Place small pinecones at the base of your vase (after inserting the Innervase®) and place flowers or botanicals only in the Innervase®  for a wintry look. 
Inspire others and share your creative displays using the hashtag #myinnervase on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest - we would love to see them!

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